How can I get a live account after my 14-day trial has expired?

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How to get Autochartist

Most leading brokers offer free access to Autochartist to their clients.

Autochartist Through your Broker

If your broker is partnered with Autochartist and you hold a live trading account with them, you can access our service through their online platforms without needing a username or password.

You will need to install the Autochartist MetaTrader Plugin to get started.
Download the Autochartist Plugin here .
Find instructions on how to Activate access to the Autochartist Web App here.
If your broker does not offer Autochartist, invite them to contact us to discuss integrating Autochartist into their platforms.

Autochartist Direct Subscription

You can sign up for a paid subscription independently of your broker through ChartViper 

If you experience any difficulties please contact us and let us know who your broker is for further assistance.

REMEMBER to ask your broker whether they offer access to Autochartist, if not, invite them to contact us.

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