How do I get the Autochartist mobile application?

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Installing and activating the Autochartist mobile application.

Please follow the simple steps below and register as a new client on our mobile app:

Install Autochartist from any one of these two links below:

(You can also do a search for Autochartist on the Playstore or App Store)

1. Register for the 14 Day Trial by filling in a few simple questions Accept the T’s & C’s

2. Once you have registered you will receive an e-mail from us with login details.

3. You will now have 14 days access.

4. Once the 14 days have passed you will be asked to choose your Broker from a drop-down list – in this step you will be asked provide your broker account number.

5. Your broker will be in contact with you after this to provide permanent login details.

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