How do I get the Expert Advisor for MAC/Linux?

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Installation on non Windows machines

1. Download the self-extracting archive file for Wine. This file is made available per language per broker. Make a note of the location. It is usually in your Downloads folder.

2. Launch your Metatrader 4

On the top left, click on File, Open Data Folder

3. A Wine Explorer Window is shown, make a note of the location, C:\winebottler in this case. Note that It might be another location on your own computer, depending on how your Metrader was installed.

4. Navigate to your Downloads folder, by first clicking on the “/” item on the left.

5. Copy the MQL4-*.exe file that was downloaded in step 1 by right-clicking on the file

6. Paste this file into your Data Folder location that you’ve made a note of in step 3

7. Double-click on the file to extract its contents

8. Type Y and Enter to overwrite the Experts.ini file

9. Close and re-start your Metatrader 4. The Autochartist Expert Advisor is now available under Expert Advisors in the Navigator:

10. Drag the Autochartist expert onto a chart


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