Setting up searches

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Set up Searches, Advanced Searches and search results

When logging in for the first time, the search pane contains a default list of populated searches. Each search contains a set of criteria defined by the individual which specifies which symbols to include in the search. The symbols can be included by:

 1. Selecting from predefined groups such as exchanges or instrument types; or
2. By selecting individual symbols.

The Advanced Search option gives one the ability to choose certain criteria when setting up a search to filter and further refine search results.

When a new trade opportunity is identified this icon  appears next to the search name. By clicking on the icon one is redirected to the relevant search results.

The information displayed in the Active Trading Opportunities and Expired Trading Opportunities sections are from the highlighted search (the search name will be marked in green).  An existing search can be edited by clicking on the pencil icon (), or deleted by clicking on the ‘close’ icon ().

Search results in mobile and web app

Unfortunately, the mobile app will not give the same search results as the web application as the mobile application is not based on trading opportunities but rather on the web app.

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