What are Trading Opportunities?

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Active and Expired Trading opportunities explained

You can search for Chart PatternsFibonacci Patterns, as well as Key Levels trade opportunities from the Trading Opportunities Tab. The Results Filter refines one’s preferences by including or excluding some or all of the trade opportunities available.

ACTIVE Trading Opportunities

The Active Trading Opportunities section is continuously populated with all the latest results of the search highlighted in the Search Pane, that fall within the categories selected in the Results Filter.  Active trading opportunities are patterns in which there still can be traded. This means that the price is not moving away from the expected direction and target, and the pattern has not yet completed or reached its target. As soon as any of this changes, the result is moved to the ‘Expired Trading Opportunities’ tab (see below)   By default the first result is selected and highlighted in green.  For the sake of clarity and ease of use, results are highlighted in yellow when the mouse cursor hovers over them. Once clicked the pattern of the selected result will be displayed in the Pattern Display area and the result will be highlighted in green.

Information provided in the Results Pane for Active Trading Opportunities include:

  • Exchange,
  • Symbol,
  • The direction of the pattern,
  • Time interval of the bar chart,
  • The pattern name,
  • The time when the pattern was identified,
  • Overall visual quality assigned to the pattern (arithmetic average of various different visual quality indicators),
  • Pattern type, indicating whether it is emerging or completed, or a breakout or approach, (See Emerging vs. Complete Results for a more in-depth explanation of the difference between completed and emerging patterns.)
  • Pattern length in bars/candles,
  • Age in candles since the pattern was identified.

This list is sorted by Age, which is the number of candles/bars that formed after the pattern was identified. This method of sorting means that longer term patterns such as 1-day and 4-hour patterns will move down the list at a much slower rate than short term patterns (15 min, 30 min). Also, the latest patterns will be listed first.

EXPIRED Trading Opportunities

To view this pane click on the Expired Trading Opportunities tab which will be highlighted in dark grey. This pane lists all expired results for the search highlighted in the Search Pane

A result expires as soon as an event occurs that makes the expected outcome either unlikely or impossible, or when the expectation was fulfilled and the target reached. Some examples of expired opportunities would be when price starts moving consistently away from the target level of a completed pattern, or when an emerging pattern completes (in this case the emerging pattern expires, but a new completed pattern opportunity will arise). See the examples below.

The information in this section is displayed in exactly the same way as the information in the Active Trading Opportunities tab. Click here for more information on how results are displayed.

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