Topics: Tutorial Collection

What is a large movement?

Understand what a large bullish or bearish movement means with this analysis type

What are Consecutive Candles?

Understand what it means when there are consecutive bullish or bearish candles with this analysis ty...

Launching the Autochartist web app

Click on the link to learn how to launch the Autochartist web app in a few easy steps

How to read Autochartist Charts

This illustration explains how understand the results displayed to you in the Our Favorites section ...

Getting Started with Autochartist

What is Autochartist? How does Autochartist work?

Sound Switch

How to Turn sound on and off within the web application

Pattern Display

Find out how to read Autochartist results

What are emerging Patterns?

Emerging patterns explained and how to use them

Results Filter

This will Help you filter opportunities which you are most interested in.

What are Trading Opportunities?

Active and Expired Trading opportunities explained